Top 5 ways to use a snuffle mat for dogs


The snuffle mat has to be designed by considering some important things like your dog using the sense of smell and many more. Apart from this, the action of sniffing out a treat is great satisfaction and also has self-rewarding for the dogs. In addition, there are five ways to use the Schnüffelteppich with your dogs.

Introduction the mat for the first time

When you first time uses the snuffle mat, you have to put 3 or 4 testy treats on the meal loosely in the fleece. In addition, if the dog pulls the mat then you can ask to sit and eat. You can also give the leave it command. With the help of these things, dogs can understand and lea5rn the things which are important. In other words, remove the mat immediately if the dogs are chewing. The main goal is to teach sniffing to the dogs but not chewing.

Repeat voice and use the snuffle mat

The repeating voice is a good exercise for your dogs to recognize the voice of their owners. You can do this activity twice a day and it can be continuing for some days. In addition, it is more important to consider knowing the voice of the owners’ dogs. In addition, you also have to change the snuffle mat after using it. Because cleaning is the most important factor to keep healthy to the dogs.

Hide the treats in the shuffle mat

This is a crucial stem to remember all the time when you have a dog. Apart from this, you can make the activity more rewarding by hiding the teats into the snuffle mat. In addition, you can also mix the real test with the other food and also hide the old tasty treat in the future by mixing the tasty treats.

Fill the snuffle mat

Dogs can learn calmly and also sniff the snuffle mat. In addition, after involving the 3 or 4 sessions of dogs, you can search regarding the reward of the dogs. This is an important consideration to fill up the sniffing mat for your dogs. Moreover, you also remember to remove the mat after using one. But you have no need to leave the dog alone or without the snuffle mat.

Working and training with the snuffle mat

With the help of the snuffle mat, you can learn about the self-control of your dogs. In addition, you have to learn the instruction to the dogs like sit, eat and leave it and many more. In other words, you can also prepare the mat according to the requirements of the dogs. Apart from this, you can also use the leave it commands when you put the treat on the mat for the dogs. You can also give to release the command to the dogs.

Apart from this, there is also having some which can be followed by the owner of the dog and also tech to the dogs regarding those instructions.

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