Cryptocurrency Trading Through A Genuine CFD Broker Platform Online

Casino is a popular and efficient broker platform that has evolved with several advanced features and new trading options with time. Recently the forum came up with cryptocurrency trading, and since then, people are widely using it to make CFD trades in cryptocurrency markets. As cryptocurrency like Ethereum or bitcoin is highly volatile, people like to trade in this currency more because of the possibility of making more money in less time.

This investment platform allows you to get real-time price related updates in your feed to make a purchase or sell any stocks you have. But you should know that the shares must be bought through the same broker if you wish to sell them.

How 500pips Stands Best For Intraday Trading?

In intraday trading, most of the time, the trades are closed within a few minutes because the shares are so large that a mere fluctuation in price could make a significant change. And programmers at 500pips understand this, which is why they have created a platform that updates its feed at every moment without any lag. You will encounter seamless surfing and transactions taking place on both mobile and web app.

The platform’s UI is simple and straightforward so that even the novice can learn to trade without any help. The platforms are regularly maintained after the market hours, and your trades are executed as quick as possible. Cryptocurrency trades are easy to carry with numerous currency options available.

Customer Support, Guide And Portfolio Handling Team

  • Beginning with the basics, has a responsive customer support team that is always ready to help its clients in all way possible. These support executives are reachable through email or via a live chat portal on the platform.
  • As you choose any higher account package, you will also get a personal advisor who would provide the solution to your queries and guide you through several trading steps.
  • An expert can design a special portfolio for your budget and demand in the VIP premium packages, which will be generated after complete research and study. This diversified portfolio will de be destined to make maximum profit for you.

Secure Payment Gateways And Safe Database For Client’s Info

Whenever you start trading, you need to make several money transactions through various means like bank wire transfer, internet banking and many more. Thus, it is essential that the platform has all safety features that promote interruption-less and safe payments. At 500pips, you will get two-way authentication and encrypted payment gateways wherever required to make hassle-free, fast and secure transactions.

Your data will not be revealed to any third party, and no manipulation would be made to your portfolio when you trade with 500pips broker. The website is built with crash-proof and advanced error-handling features that will never fail and cause irregularity in your trading session. The education centre portal will be available for all clients who want to join various market-related seminars and enhance their knowledge.

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